• Mister Pharmacist can Prescribe for Cold Soles (herpes labialis) (January 2023)

    Mister Pharmacist will take through a thorough medical history check and prescribe a prescription product to help reduce the severity of your latest cold sore episode. This starts January 2023 in Ontario
  • Mister Pharmacist can prescribe for Oral Thrush (January 2023)

    Mister Pharmacist can prescribe a treatment for Oral Candiasis  (starting January 2023)


  • Help me treat my bad breath! aka Halitosis!

    Most patients' foul smell comes from their mouths, and treating periodontal or oral diseases as well as excellent dental hygiene is required to all...
  • Do I have a cold sore?

     What is a cold sore?   Cold sores are caused mainly by two herpes simplex viruses (HSVs): herpes simplex-1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex-2 (HSV-2) (H...
  • What can I use for my sore throat? (remedies that work!)

    First of all: Rest assured that most sore throats resolve within 7 days! You just have to be patient. However, if you have a sore throat with sympt...