• Unlocking the Power of Your Pharmacist: Empowering Refills for Minor Ailments!

    Discover how your pharmacist can offer exceptional care for minor ailments while adhering to professional and legal obligations. Learn about the convenience of virtual consultations, your privacy and data security, and eligibility for reimbursement through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. Trust MisterPharmacist to provide comprehensive assessments and personalized treatment plans, ensuring your well-being every step of the way. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out—
  • Overcoming the Obstacles of Fast Prescription Delivery

    Looking for quick and accurate prescription deliveries downtown Toronto? Trust MisterPharmacist™, the #1 choice. Our top-notch team ensures speedy, safe, and precise medication delivery, while offering competitive prices. Say goodbye to hassle and anxiety—let us handle your prescriptions with care. The savvy way forward!
  • Unlock the Benefits of Having a MisterPharmacist™ in Your Corner

    This short blog will be discussing the increased responsibility of Ontario Pharmacists who began prescribing for minor ailments in January 2023, an...
  • See the MisterPharmacist™ reaction on the CBC: Ontario expands pharmacists' prescription powers to ease burden on doctors-

    As part of its 2023 budget, the Ford government has announced an increase in the number of health conditions for which pharmacists can prescribe tr...