Age Requirements for Treating Minor Ailments in Ontario: Exploring Treatment Accessibility in 2023

Introduction: To answer a common question from parents, Ontario's regulations do not specify age restrictions for pharmacists to prescribe medication for minor ailments. At MisterPharmacist™, we believe in considering individual characteristics, including age, when determining the suitable treatment. Our pharmacists are responsible for assessing patients, utilizing their expertise, knowledge, and judgment, and referring to clinical treatment guidelines to make informed decisions.

Assessment and Decision-Making Process:

Every case is evaluated independently, and our pharmacists are trained to triage patients based on urgency and clinical presentation. When it comes to minor ailments, we consider various factors, such as age, before prescribing medication. Our priority is ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients, especially children.

Guidelines for Prescribing:

If, after careful assessment, we determine that prescribing medication is not advisable for a specific minor ailment, we communicate this decision to the patient and provide a comprehensive follow-up plan. This plan may involve monitoring the condition or referring the patient to another healthcare professional for further evaluation, if necessary.

Real-Life Example:

Let's consider a recent case where a concerned parent contacted us regarding their 6-year-old male child, suspecting a urinary infection. Taking into account the child's age, the situation, the first occurrence of symptoms, and the child's sex, our pharmacist deemed it appropriate to advise the parent to seek further investigation at a hospital. In this instance, no prescription was issued, but the child's well-being remained our top priority.


As pharmacists at MisterPharmacist™, we prioritize the health and safety of our patients, regardless of their age. While Ontario's regulations do not outline specific age restrictions for prescribing medication for minor ailments, we use our expertise, knowledge, and judgment to make informed decisions. We assess each case individually, considering various factors, and provide suitable recommendations or referrals as needed. Trust our experienced pharmacists to provide quality care for minor ailments.

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Minor Ailments No Age restrictions In Ontario