Can I give apple juice to treat diarrhea in my kid?

Parents may ask about using apple juice for dehydration in kids.

I would normally tell you to avoid using juice, sports drinks, water, broths, or soda for dehydration because of concerns they may not replace lost electrolytes…and the sugar in some products can worsen diarrhea.

And products like Pedialyte, may be not around the home…taste so-so…and cost over $8/litre. That’s a lot!

Giving half-strength apple juice may be an option. Currently this is given in the emergency room…followed by fluids at home… This works at least as well as electrolyte solutions for mild dehydration in kids with the dreaded gastroenteritis.

The juice doesn’t seem to cause more diarrhea.

Dilute apple juice as an alternative to commercial electrolyte solutions for kids with gastroenteritis and mild dehydration..

This will help replace fluids and prevent more severe dehydration.

MisterPharmacist Tip: Please be aware of more severe symptoms…no tears, dry mouth, lack of urination, etc. This requires medical attention and attentive rehydration.

Start rehydration promptly if you kid has diarrhea or vomiting…dehydration can progress quickly in young children.

MisterPharmacist Tip: Give about 5 mL every 5 minutes, then increasing slowly as tolerated. That’s a teaspoon.

For mild dehydration, Give 60 to 120 mL of fluids after each episode of diarrhea or vomiting for kids under 10 kg…or 120 to 240 mL for heavier kids.

Discourage using homemade solutions, especially in young kids. Mixing or dosing errors could lead to serious electrolyte problems.